Book Your Weekend

While planning weekend escapes, add a book and a state park to the agenda. The two provide low-cost, classic fun. A seat in one of Florida’s state parks cost less than $10 per carload for up to eight people. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Florida Parks Service manages 174 state parks, trails and historic sites where readers can stretch their imaginations with writers who weave their facts and fictions through the Florida landscape, both past and present.

Need reading suggestions? Online resources provide reading lists for age groups, genre, settings and writers. Your local library stocks a multitude of reading materials and staff can recommend excellent reading options.

Reading, indoors or outdoors, no matter the season, engages the imagination of both children and adults. Reading is also a green activity.

Once produced, a book requires no additional resources to enhance its function. Books require no batteries, no chords, no chargers, no accessories and no electricity. Books do not require upgrades. Though sequels are sometimes produced, the original functions just fine without it.

Books require little maintenance. No fuel to refill, no oil or filters to change, no hoses to inspect.

Books are durable and can last under a bed for months, on a bookcase for decades, even centuries, and be just as functional as the day they were printed.

Books are easily shared. Books can be passed around to a multitude of friends and family members and still be read by yet another generation. Reading aloud is another green option for sharing a book with others, and doesn’t require downloading an app.

Books are portable. They fit easily into a beach bag, carry-on luggage, backpacks and pockets.

Reading is powered by the human mind and reading light is provided by sunshine. The grass doesn’t get much greener.

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