Florida Power & Light Turkey Point Facility

DEP orders FPL to halt within 3 years the hypersaline plume caused by its cooling canal system and retract the plume within 10 years.

On June 20, 2016, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection executed a Consent Order with Florida Power & Light (FPL) requiring FPL to address impacts associated with the operation of the cooling canal system at its Turkey Point Power Plant.

This Order requires FPL to implement a range of comprehensive solutions to improve the operation of the cooling canals, halt and retract the hypersaline plume caused by the canals, update and expand its monitoring network, perform restoration projects as well as monitor for and prevent impacts to Biscayne Bay.

This Consent Order goes above and beyond any of FPL’s existing permits or agreements, requiring a suite of actions to occur within specific timeframes. It also includes check points, and additional requirements if necessary, to ensure appropriate progress is being made.

We continue to work with our agency partners, including the South Florida Water Management District and Miami-Dade County’s Division of Regulatory and Economic Resources, to review the effectiveness of proposed technical solutions needed to meet the objectives and requirements of this Order.

We are committed to keeping the public informed and will update this page routinely.


On April 25, 2016, DEP issued a Notice of Violation and a separate Warning Letter to FPL for the impacts associated with the cooling canal system. This followed previous action in 2014.

The Notice of Violation addressed noncompliance with FPL’s NPDES permit, which prohibits the cooling canal system discharges from causing a violation of minimum water quality criteria for groundwater.

The Notice of Violation required FPL to enter into a Consent Order with the department by June 24 to implement corrective actions to halt and remediate the violation.

The Warning Letter put FPL on notice that the department was investigating the potential migration of cooling canal system water to surface waters connected to the Bay.

The Consent Order includes comprehensive actions to address the concerns identified in the Notice of Violation and Warning Letter.

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