Fact Sheets

One of DEP’s goals is to proactively communicate a clear and consistent message both internally and externally. One of the ways we are working to achieve this goal is by putting together fact sheets on various topics for both the regulated community as well as the general public, such as mangrove trimming, NPDES stormwater pollution prevention and how to handle pesticides.

Overview of the Department: DEP By the Numbers – 2016

Asbestos Abatement Program

Battery Recycling and Disposal

Benefits of Biosolids

Benefits of Mangroves

Coral Bleaching

Coral Disease

Drinking Water Standards and Facts

Domestic Wastewater

Florida’s Air Quality

Florida’s Coral Reef Protection Act

Florida’s Zika Response

Mangrove Trimming

Open Forum Public Hearings

Proactive Approach to Compliance and Outreach

Stormwater Management

What is a Sanitary Sewer Overflow

Preventing a Sanitary Sewer Overflow

Best Management Practices:

How to Handle Pesticides

How to Handle Waste Tires

How to Handle Fluorescent and High-Intensity Discharge Lamps

NPDES Pollution Prevention Strategies

NPDES Industrial Activity

Solvent-Contaminated Disposable Wipes

Solvent-Contaminated Reusable Wipes

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