DEP Recognizes JM Family Enterprises for Outstanding Recycling Effort

May 20, 2015


Deerfield Beach, Fla. – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Southeast District recognized JM Family Enterprises today for its superior recycling efforts. In 2014, the automotive company achieved a recycling rate of 64 percent at their Florida facilities.

“JM Family Enterprises has done a great job recycling waste, which reduces their environmental footprint,” said DEP Southeast Assistant Director Jennifer Smith. “The department is pleased to recognize JM Family Enterprises for their efforts to promote environmentally responsible practices.”

In addition to recycling traditional consumer commodities such as aluminum, glass, paper and plastic, JM Family Enterprises also recycles automotive-industry material including used oil, anti-freeze, construction and demolition debris, tires and much more. In total, the company recycled more than 4.48 million pounds. Diverting those materials from landfills has prevented 6,198 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

“Giving back is a cornerstone of our company, and we understand the importance of aligning business goals with the needs of communities where our associates live and work,” said Colin Brown, president and CEO of JM Family. “A natural progression of this philosophy includes accountability for the company’s impact on the environment. Therefore, we concentrate our efforts on preserving natural resources and becoming a more sustainable organization.”

To help businesses increase recycling efficiency, the department has an easy tool to track recycling efforts – the Florida DEP Business Recycling Tracking Tool. Through the website, which includes free registration, companies can track different types of recycling efforts and produce reports on how those efforts are helping to shrink their carbon footprint. The tracking tool helps the department identify companies that are doing more to go green.

Approximately 55 percent of the total municipal solid waste stream in Florida is commercial. In order for Florida to reach a 75 percent recycling rate by 2020, a goal established by the Florida Legislature in 2008, the department is urging all sectors, especially the commercial sector, to increase recycling efforts. According to the 2013 data, only 51 percent of commercial waste is being recycled. To meet the statewide recycling goal, it is crucial that businesses, schools and other commercial entities increase their recycling efforts. Recycling provides a direct cost savings to most businesses because the more that is recycled, the less waste and thus, lower waste-management operating costs. Reuse of materials can also represent a cost savings.

For more information about the Recycling Recognition Program click here.

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