Three Recreational Trail Projects to Begin


TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Recreational Trails Program announces the execution of three contracts for the development and renovation of trails in south Florida. After being awarded competitive-grant funds during the 2014 submission cycle, these three projects can now begin construction.

The Recreational Trails Program provides competitive-grant funds to local communities to renovate, develop or maintain recreational trails and trail-side facilities.

“As the demand for affordable recreation and trail development continues to grow, we are pleased the Recreational Trails Program can help communities in south Florida build upon previous investments and expand their recreational trail systems,” said Rick Mercer, director of DEP’s Office of Operations.

The three south Florida contracts are as follows:

  • The city of Deerfield Beach – Funding will be used to renovate 7,000 linear feet of trail and to extend the existing trail system at Johnnie McKeithen Park. Once complete, this system will enhance connectivity between the northern and southern annexes of the park and adjacent neighborhoods. Additional fitness stations are also being added along the trail.
  • The city of Fort Lauderdale – Funding will be used to construct the Snyder Park Bike Trail, which is being designed for intermediate-level cyclists to hone their skills before advancing to the more challenging existing trails at other parks. Project elements include construction of 1,800 linear feet of 6-foot wide, compacted rock bicycle trail, with signage and related support facilities.
  • The village of Royal Palm Beach – Funding will be used for the construction of 5,000 linear feet of 8-foot-wide concrete multi-use trail and the installation of benches and related support facilities. Once the “Commons Park Trail” is complete, residents of the surrounding neighborhoods will be able to access the project site by its connection to Bobbie Jo Lauter Park and the existing recreational trails system.

The Recreational Trails Program is a federally funded assistance program of the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. A portion of the grant awards must be matched by the grantee. In Florida, the competitive-grant program is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Land and Recreation Grants section within the Office of Operations.

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