DEP Holds Public Meeting for Update on Hillsborough River Restoration Plan

March 9, 2015


TEMPLE TERRACE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection invites local governments, scientists, environmentalists, agricultural producers and other interested parties to a meeting to discuss the outcome of restoration activities for the past five years and the future efforts needed to achieve improved water quality for the Hillsborough River.

WHAT:      Hillsborough River Restoration Plan Development Meeting

WHEN:      Wednesday, March 11, 2015

                  9:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

WHERE:    DEP Southwest District Office’s Main Conference Room

                  13051 North Telecom Parkway

                  Temple Terrace, FL 33637

“While there is more work to be done, we can be proud of the progress we have seen in this basin,” said Tom Frick, director of the Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration. “Going forward, we will use more refined tools to identify sources of bacteria and develop and implement projects to address these sources.”

The Hillsborough River restoration plan, known as a basin management action plan or BMAP, addresses six water bodies that are impaired for fecal coliform bacteria. These water bodies are Blackwater Creek, New River, Spartman Branch, Baker Creek, Flint Creek and Lower Hillsborough River. It has been five years since the restoration plan began, and fecal coliform levels have generally improved in all six waterbodies. At this meeting, the department will be discussing the results of samples analyzed using source tracking technology as well as detailing the restoration progress for the waterbodies in each restoration plan. Representatives will also outline future efforts that will be implemented to ensure that progress continues.

The Hillsborough River flows 54 miles from its headwaters in the Green Swamp to Hillsborough Bay, Florida’s largest open-water estuary. The river flows through Hillsborough River State Park, one of Florida’s first state parks which opened in 1938. Hillsborough River was designated an Outstanding Florida Water by the state of Florida, meaning the river is worthy of special protection because of its natural attributes.

More information about the upcoming meeting can be found here.

More information on the Hillsborough River restoration plan can be found here.

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