Saft America’s Jacksonville Facility Recognized by DEP for Outstanding Recycling Effort


Pictured from left to right: Jody Beasley, Saft, Jacksonville Facility; Ron Green, Quality Engineer, Saft, Jacksonville Facility; Chris Kaniut, General Manager, Saft, Jacksonville Facility; Thomas J. Alcide, President, Saft America, Inc.; and Greg Strong, DEP’s Northeast District Director

JACKSONVILLE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Northeast District recently recognized Saft America’s Jacksonville facility for its superior recycling efforts. In 2014, this Florida business facility achieved a recycling rate of 51.7 percent.

“Businesses can benefit financially from investing in recycling and that investment benefits Florida’s environment,” said DEP Northeast District Director Greg Strong. “I am honored to recognize Saft America’s Jacksonville facility for its outstanding recycling efforts and for the good environmental stewards they have been in our state.”

Saft has recycling containers throughout the office areas for all types of paper, envelopes, file folders, newspapers, magazines and catalogs. They also recycle aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, toner and ink jet cartridges, alkaline and rechargeable batteries, cardboard and wooden pallets.

In addition to the materials counted as part of the 51.7 percent recycling rate, Saft also recycles production-related materials including foam packaging, bubble wrap, plastic strapping, plastic sleeves and plastic bags. Saft recycles 100 percent of one of the waste chemicals from the coating process. Production scrap metal is reclaimed and sold to various manufacturers for reuse.

The company’s recycling efforts have significantly reduced the waste that was going to the landfill and yielded an annual savings of $41,000.

“One of Saft’s core values is taking the long-term view which drives our recycling efforts,” said Saft’s Jacksonville facility Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Ron Green. “We continuously look for creative new ways to expand our recycling program as well as ways to reuse or repurpose materials.”

The department has an easy tool for companies to track recycling efforts – the Florida DEP Business Recycling Tracking Tool. Through the website, which includes free registration, companies can track different types of recycling efforts and produce reports on how those efforts are helping to shrink their carbon footprint. The tracking will help the department to recognize companies that are doing more to go green.

Commercial municipal solid waste accounts for approximately 55 percent of the total municipal solid waste stream in Florida. In order for Florida to reach a 75 percent recycling rate by 2020, a goal established by the Florida Legislature in 2008, the department is urging all sectors, especially the commercial sector, to actively increase their recycling efforts. According to the 2013 data, only 51 percent of commercial waste is being recycled. It is crucial that businesses, schools and other commercial recyclers increase their recycling efforts. Recycling provides a direct cost savings to most businesses because the more that is recycled, the less waste and lower waste-management operating costs. Reuse of materials can also represent a cost savings.

For more information about the Recycling Recognition Program click here.

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