DEP Launches Multilingual Compliance Training Video For Storage Tank Operators


TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Waste Management and Broward County’s Environmental Protection Department are proud to launch informative videos that will help storage tank facility operators prepare for an inspection. The video is currently available in English and Spanish. The video will also become available in Hindi and Creole in March.

Storage tank facility inspections are essential for the department to ensure gas station owners and operators maintain compliance with DEP standards. Preparing for a storage tank inspection is crucial to make sure that the inspection is carried out efficiently and completely. In addition to protecting Florida’s environment, well-managed storage tank systems will save gas station owners and operators time and money in upkeep costs.   

“Part of our mission is to educate our regulated industries on how to be good stewards of Florida’s environment,” said Division of Waste Management Director Jorge Caspary. “The launch of these multilingual videos will increase our outreach efforts and lead to a better understanding of the department’s expectations during inspections.”

The videos will help gas station owners and operators understand the components of an inspection and how to assist inspectors in the process. The launch of the videos in English, Spanish, Hindi and Creole helps the department communicate standards effectively with owners whose first language is not English. 

To access the video in English, click here. To access the video in Spanish, clickhere.

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