DEP Provides More Than $1.5 Million for Water Quality Projects in Northeast Florida

Jan. 14, 2015

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is providing more than $1.5 million for water-related projects in two counties in northeast Florida. The funding will address issues related to stormwater drainage, excess nutrients and sanitary sewer service in Nassau and Putnam counties.

“Properly addressing stormwater runoff and wastewater remains key to preserving and protecting Florida’s natural resources,” DEP Secretary Jon Steverson said. “Working with local governments in northeast Florida to protect the area’s waterbodies is a wise investment for the state and I appreciate the leadership shown by Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature.”

“I appreciate Governor Scott, DEP and my colleagues in the Florida Legislature for providing this funding,” Sen. Aaron Bean said. “The variety of these projects shows how important it is for our state’s leadership to monitor all aspects of water quality in the state.”

Nassau County is receiving $567,000 to help restore Thomas Creek to its natural condition, reducing flooding in the creek’s drainage basin and improving water quality. The project will focus on removing debris and fallen vegetation that have blocked waterflow, allowing stormwater to drain more quickly during heavy storm events. Thomas Creek creates much of the border between Nassau and Duval counties.

The town of Hilliard is receiving $200,000 to fund part of a rehabilitation project aimed at addressing issues stemming from aging clay pipe in the town’s wastewater collection system. The funding will be used to clean and examine the clay pipes to make plans for repairing or rehabilitating any identified deficiencies.

Putnam County is receiving $750,000 to help fund the construction phase of a regional wastewater system that will allow the county to hook up additional residences and businesses to the system and reduce the number of septic tanks being used in east Palatka. The removal of these septic tanks is part of the county’s Basin Management Action Plan and the project will contribute to improvements in the St. Johns River.

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