Two Recreational Trail Projects to Close Trail Gaps

Jan. 06, 2015


TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Recreational Trails Program executes two contracts to close trail gaps in two cities with regional and national significance.

The Recreational Trails Program provides competitive-grant funds to local communities to renovate, develop or maintain recreational trails and trailside facilities. Contract agreements are for two years, with two possible one-year extensions.

The two contracts executed by the Recreational Trails Program are as follows.

  • The city of Panama City Beach – Funding will be used for the construction of the Trieste Multi-Use Trail East, located near Moonlight Bay Drive. This project, which extends Gayle’s Trails, is for 512 linear feet (LF) of a 12-foot wide asphalt trail, a 600 LF trail bridge, installation of trail signage, 756 LF of fencing and related support facilities. Gayle’s Trails is designated as part of the Florida Greenways and Trails system and is a National Recreation Trail.
  • The city of Miami Beach – Funding will be used for the construction of 9,000 LF of a 15-foot-wide concrete multi-use trail known as the Middle Beach Recreation Corridor. The trail is being constructed from 47th to 64th streets, providing a critical link in the city’s beachwalk system and the Atlantic Greenway Network. The Miami Beach project will be designated as part of the East Coast Greenway, which extends from Key West to Maine.

“The Recreational Trails Program funded extension occurs along one of the most popular sections of the East Coast Greenway’s entire route between Maine and Florida,” said East Coast Greenway Alliance Southeast Region Program Consultant Herb Hiller. “Everyone likes to ride a bike by the sea in Miami Beach. Now more will be able to do so safely. What a gift to residents and visitors alike!”

“These two projects showcase how grant funding provided through the Recreational Trails Program can help communities develop essential links for local trails, as well as extend the recreation options available for residents to enjoy,” said Rick Mercer, director of DEP’s Office of Operations.

The Recreational Trails Program is a federally funded assistance program of the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. A portion of the grant awards must be matched by the grantee. In Florida, the competitive-grant program is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Land and Recreation Grants section within the Office of Operations.

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