DEP Takes Action to Protect Fla. Community from Reported Leak

December 11, 2014

~Pledges to Hold Quantum Resource Management Accountable~

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) experts are assessing the potential impacts of a reported leak of a Quantum Resource Management flow line fed by three wells that occurred Wednesday morning in Jay, Florida, which the company now reports to be contained. A DEP site investigator was on scene within an hour of the incident being reported.

Preliminary estimates into DEP indicate approximately 30 gallons of oil were released, some of which made its way into Bray Mill Creek. DEP technical staff will now undertake a full investigation to identify what caused the breach and soil testing to ensure safety for area residents.

“DEP is working to determine what went wrong and hold Quantum Resource Management accountable for any impacts to the environment resulting from this leak. We are assessing the potential of any possible threat to the environment and the public right now and we will monitor the site to verify our water resources are safe,” said DEP Interim Secretary Cliff Wilson.

The company reports that the leak is now contained and all flow has been stopped to the flow line until repairs can be completed. Quantum Resources Management said the well operator immediately stopped the leak and dispatched a response team to contain, collect and properly dispose of the leaking fluid.

DEP is working expeditiously to ensure cleanup and monitoring efforts take place promptly and accurately.

Quantum Resources Management reported that no workers were injured during the leak and no evacuations were necessary. All wells feeding the flow line have been shut in and the flow line is depressurized until repairs can be made and DEP inspections are complete.

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