DEP Provides $37,500 to Town of Surfside for Seawall Repair

Oct. 23, 2014

~Funding will protect critical environmental infrastructure from coastal erosion~

A $37,500 grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection provides additional funding to the town of Surfside to repair a damaged seawall that will help protect the newly installed storm drainage pump and well system, as well as adjacent waterfront properties. The drainage system contains outfalls, water mains, storm-drainage pumps and other critical infrastructure for protecting local water resources and homes in the area near Biscayne Bay.

“DEP is proud to support the town of Surfside’s efforts to properly address stormwater runoff before it enters into area waterbodies – including Biscayne Bay,” said DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. “This is yet another example of how a collaborative approach benefits Florida’s environment.”

The pump station and drainage wells, also funded by DEP grants, reduce pollutant load into Biscayne Bay by 90 percent and are critical to maintaining the local habitat.In addition to environmental concerns, the potential failure of this wall puts the adjacent homeowners’ seawalls in jeopardy as well as upland improvements such as docks, hardscapes and pools on private property. Moreover, a failure of this seawall system would create concrete rubble and a turbidity plume that would adversely affect local seagrasses and the waters of Biscayne Bay.

“The repair of town-owned seawalls is a major capital priority, and this partnership with FDEP will kick-start the town’s effort by addressing our most severe problem,” said Town Manager Michael Crotty.”The town is developing a plan to address improvements to the remaining town-owned seawalls and is working with the Florida Inland Navigation District to implement the improvements. The town commission has committed up to $500,000 to assist in this effort.”

The town of Surfside will match the DEP funds to cover the total projected cost of $77,000. The project located at the terminus of Carlyle Avenue near the intersection of 88th and Carlyle Avenue is expected to be completed by June 2015.

A July 2012 inspection of bulkheads revealed the damaged seawall located at the end of Surfside’s right of way.

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