Florida Invests Nearly $30,000 for Flood Protection in Volusia County

Sept. 30, 2014

~City and DEP partner to provide stormwater relief for community~

In a continued effort to relieve the Lakeview Estates Mobile Home Park of an elevated risk of flooding, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is providing the city of South Daytona in Volusia County a nearly $25,000 grant. The city of South Daytona is also contributing $4,160.

“It is great to see this community getting the relief it needs,” said DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. “This project will help ensure the health and safety of the residents, while benefiting Florida’s environment.”

“We are grateful for the department’s support in funding a critical need to automatically regulate the water levels in Lakeview Estates,” said Les Gillis, South Daytona’s public works director. “This is a mitigation project that will benefit Lakeview residents as well as the entire community.”

“I am pleased to hear that the South Daytona Lakeview Estates Mobile Home Park stormwater project is moving forward,”‎ said Senator Dorothy Hukill. “We all remember the 2009 community and area flooding that occurred after heavy rain. This is a good project that will ensure our residents, their homes and surrounding areas are protected.”

The city of South Daytona, in conjunction with the Lakeview engineer, developed a flood-reduction plan that called for the installation of two large stormwater pumps to regulate the water levels within the stormwater retention areas. In 2011, after design and permitting were complete, the city installed the two stormwater pumps inside the park to alleviate any future flooding.

At the time these pumps were installed, the three-phase power necessary to operate the pumps continuously was not available. The city manually operated these pumps, when needed, using a portable generator. The stormwater pumps need a continuous power source to regulate the water level within the stormwater retention area as they were designed.

The funding provided by the department, with a local contribution, will fund the extension of electrical power to the already installed stormwater pumps. The extension of a three-phase power service will allow these stormwater pumps to automatically turn on when the float switches indicate the water levels in the stormwater retention areas are rising. Once on, the pumps will begin to lower the water levels back to normal at which point they will automatically shut off.

When this project is completed, the pumps will regulate the water levels as designed to alleviate flooding conditions in the future. The project is expected to be completed in February of 2015.

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