DEP Statement Regarding Today’s Ruling on MFL Rules for Lower Santa Fe and Ichetucknee Rivers and 16 Associated Springs

Sept. 16, 2014

Today, Administrative Law Judge Bram Canter issued a ruling regarding the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s proposed rules — known as Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs) — setting limits to protect and restore water flows in the Lower Santa Fe River, Ichetucknee River and associated priority springs.

“We appreciate the judge’s order and are pleased the ruling upheld the department’s science supporting the MFLs and the approach to recovering the flows of these waterbodies.

The Administrative Law Judge did, however, find that the MFLs needed to include an additional detail that was contained in a technical document to be complete. We will now examine the options for addressing this aspect of the rule.

Restoration and protection of the water flows of these two rivers and the largest 16 springs which feed them will continue to be a priority of the department and the Suwannee River and St. Johns River Water Management Districts. We will not delay in moving forward with projects that will help improve water flows in these systems.”

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