DEP Participates in Joint Regulators Meeting

Sep. 2, 2014

~Multiple agencies meet to increase efficiencies and communication~

State agencies are collaborating to help make finding services easier for Florida residents.The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Central District participated in a joint regulators meeting hosted by the Florida Department of Health’s Orange County office Tuesday.The goal of the meeting was to improve customer service and efficiency by meeting counterparts in other agencies to gain a better understanding of each group’s roles and responsibilities.

“These interactions with local agencies are essential to optimizing customer service,”said Central District Director Jeff Prather. “Having a better understanding about each other’s roles and where responsibilities might overlap benefits everyone involved, especially our customers.”

Each participating agency representative provided a brief presentation with an overview of the respective agency to help familiarize attendees with programs and responsibilities of each agency. Once the presentations were complete, a roundtable discussion was held to further discuss common issues encountered, what does or does not fall under each agency’s purview, how to better coordinate and how to address items that might not fall to any agency.

“Agencies that work together help make it easier for the people we serve to find the services they need,” said Dr. Kevin Sherin, director of the Department of Health in Orange County.

An increase in inter-agency knowledge and communication leads to increased efficiency because when customers call, they are able to be routed to the correct person, program or agency more quickly and efficiently than in the past.

Approximately 35 representatives of local and state agencies were present at the meeting, including the Departments of Health and Environmental Protection, as well as Orange County Environmental Protection Division and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


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