Seven Explorers Complete Florida State Parks Passport

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recognizes seven people who have recently completed their visits to each of Florida’s 161 state parks. Each state park possesses a unique stamp that can be collected using the Florida State Park Passport. As a collector’s journal, the Passport helps people plan park visits and record their experiences in addition to tracking which parks they’ve visited.

“Visiting all 161 state parks is a special accomplishment,” said Donald Forgione, Director of the Florida Park Service. “Each park represents the best of our natural and cultural resources and visiting all of them takes time and dedication.”

Twin sisters Margaret Rivera and Gloria Marrone of Cocoa Beach purchased their Passports in 2004. Over the last nine years, they have received a stamp from each of Florida’s state parks. They say Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and Florida Caverns State Parks are their favorites.

Craig Faane of University Park has completed his fifth Passport. A retiree from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Craig is learning the geography of his new home in Florida, and is an avid birder with an ambitious goal of seeing 150 species of birds across the state.

Norman and Loraine Masencup of Okeechobee shared a passport and collected their final stamp at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. Peter and Mary Lou Van Note of Anthony also shared a passport and ended their journey at the historic Silver Springs State Park.

All participants who complete a Passport are awarded a Family Annual Entrance Pass to visit state parks in the coming year. Since 2008, only 35 people have achieved this accomplishment.

The last version of the Passport was printed in 2010 and future additions will include Florida’s 10 state trails. Plans are underway to add a Passport component to the Florida PocketRanger® Mobile App available free for users of iPhone and Android smartphones.

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