Northwest District Hosts Open House to Educate Community on DEP Programs

More than 100 guests visit informational booths with District staff

More than 100 guests visit informational booths with District staff

Today, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Northwest District hosted more than 100 community members at an open house event aimed at growing the community’s awareness of the organization’s mission, increasing communication and developing collaborative relationships with the community.

Guests were invited to the Department’s Northwest District office to meet the District’s staff and Director, Shawn Hamilton. Experts from each of the District’s regulatory programs — Waste, Air, Water, Environmental Resources Permitting and Compliance Assurance — were on hand to answer questions and provide information on their respective programs.

“I am pleased that more than 100 of our stakeholders took the time to join us today,” Hamilton said. “We promote environmental protection through regulatory consistency, accountability and partnerships with these stakeholders. Today allowed me, and the District’s staff, an opportunity to hear first-hand how they think we are doing and what they think we can do better. Most of the feedback I heard today shows me we are on the right track.”

Attendees also had an opportunity to learn more about the Department’s online resources. As the Department continues its efforts to become paperless, many forms and records are now available online. Staff provided overviews of what is available and showed those who were interested how to access those databases.

Most importantly, the Northwest District open house provided an opportunity for the District to receive feedback. The Department is constantly looking for ways to improve services and informational exchanges, such as this open house forum. The feedback received helps drive strategy moving forward.

For those who were unable to attend today’s open house event, the Northwest District satellite office in Panama City will also be hosting the public in the coming months.

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