Statement from DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. on Signing of SB 364 Related to Consumptive Use Permits

TALLAHASSEE –Today, DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. issued a statement on the signing of SB 364 related to consumptive use permits:

“The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is pleased to see this Legislation signed, and congratulate Senator Hays, Representative Young and Representative Pilon for their support on SB 364.

Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature understand that a stable water supply is a key part of protecting the environment, supporting growing families, attracting new businesses to Florida, and keeping existing businesses.

Today’s signing of the bill helps ensure a long-term stable water supply by easing the problems that local governments face in the financing of large and sometimes expensive alternative water supply projects.

These Alternative Water Supply projects will make Florida less dependent on traditional groundwater pumping and, along with conservation, are a necessary part of ensuring that Florida has enough water to meet its long term needs.

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