DEP Secretary Celebrates Completion of Project to Help Restore America’s Everglades

FLORIDA CITY– Today, DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. joined leaders from the South Florida Water Management District, US Army Corps of Engineers and Everglades National Park as well as state and local partners to celebrate the completion of the C-111 Spreader Canal Western Project in south Miami-Dade County. Vinyard participated in the dedication of this project, which will restore freshwater flows to Florida Bay and restore upstream water levels in Eastern Everglades National Park.  

“This project will jump start the recovery of these vital ecosystems, and is a great example of direct action put forth towards Everglades restoration,” said Vinyard. “The South Florida Water Management District and its federal and state partners have provided the solution to a major problem in the Everglades and Florida Bay.”

This project illustrates the Department’s critical investment to solve water quality and distribution issues in the Everglades. The state has invested more than $51 million in this expedited project. The C-111 Spreader Canal Western Project will aid restoration of freshwater wetlands, tidal wetlands and near-shore habitat as well as flood protection maintenance and recreation opportunities.

“Witnessing the completion and operation of a project to help restore America’s Everglades provides a sense of accomplishment and optimism for the future,” said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Joe Collins. “Today we have taken another step toward our shared restoration goals.”

 The C-111 Spreader Canal Western Project includes an above-ground detention area and pump stations to better manage groundwater and surface water flows in Everglades National Park, help achieve healthy salinity levels in Florida Bay and further advance the state’s efforts in getting the water right.

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