New DEP Online Air Permit System Saves Paper, Time, Money

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s new Air General Permit Electronic Registration Submittal will assist about 1,200 Florida businesses in getting air general permits electronically. As an addition to the department’s electronic business portal, the automated registration system applies to air general permits, with the exception of dry cleaners.

The antiquated process of print, manual completion and mail-in are no longer required; the new system allows businesses to complete their air general permit process electronically. The system also provides businesses with certainty that they are getting the right permit because the step-by-step system requires the business to fill out the form correctly in order to get the right permit.

The system also relieves businesses from having to interpret complex rules that apply to their type of business. Businesses will save money from avoiding postage and paper costs. They will also now be able to pay for permits through the system via debit card, credit card or check.

This latest online registration system is part of an ongoing paperless effort at the Department and increases the efficiency and consistency of the department’s permitting processes. The system can be accessed at:

For more information on air general permits, businesses can contact the Department’s Small Business Environmental Assistance Program at 1.800.722.7457 or visit

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